Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Hoser's NFL Playoff Picks, Super Bowl XLVI

Well, here we are at the end of another season of The Hoser. I have been pretty slack this year, but with the growth of the business and my freelance work, I have had little time to expound upon the vagaries of the NFL.

In the near future, I will double back and update the totals for this season, which may have been my best ever in terms of money won and percentages. Or I could be totally delusional about that. I do know I actually won money playing ProLine this season, although it would barely be enough to buy one of those new huge coffees at Tim Horton's. Seriously, 24 ounces? You people must have bladders like kiddie pools.

I'm also not sure if I'll continue next season or not. I enjoy writing The Hoser, but not when I have to rush through it on Saturday night or Sunday morning. It doesn't do you as the reader (or God forbid the bettor) any good to get my hunches two hours before kickoff either. I'll make the decision over the summer.

Before the pick -- what the hell is wrong with Bill Belichick? He cuts Tiquan Underwood TWENTY-FOUR HOURS before the Super Bowl. He cut a guy with the Patriots logo shaved in his hair. He cut a guy and that probably means Chad Ochocinco will get more playing time.

I get the whole "Gronk plays the wedge on special teams" stuff. The move makes sense, and maybe Belichick had to make it. But yesterday? Waiting that long when the decision could have come earlier in the week makes him look like a douche, and if I was a middling free agent, I'd think long and hard if I really wanted to play for an organization that would do this. Yes, they're successful. So was Pol Pot.

Were they really that concerned that Underwood could be claimed by the Giants? That guy who Kid N' Play'd his hair with your logo is going to run to Tom Coughlin and spill the beans? He wouldn't have -- unless you handled it like this.

Anyway, the pick:

New York Giants (+2.5) at NEW ENGLAND (53.5): This could be the best Super Bowl in history. Two teams with powerful offenses and passable-to-terrible defenses will put up a lot of points.

It's tough to think momentum could play a factor here after a two-week layoff, but it's what's making us take the Giants and the points. Coughlin has had his team firing on all cylinders for the last six or so weeks, and it's not going to stop facing the Patriot defense.

In addition, the only standout feature defensively for either team is New York's front four, who could again leave Tom Brady shaking in his Uggs. That pressure will keep New England at least partially in check, while the Patriots have nothing of the sort on their D.

After this loss, Belichick will be 3-4 in Super Bowls. And Tiquan Underwood will be 0-0.

Giants 30, Patriots 24.

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