Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Hoser On The NFL 2013, Week One, Thursday Edition

Welcome in! We're back for what we believe is our sixth season of some of the most half-assed, uneducated and completely untrustworthy National Football League predictions on the web.

Don't take us seriously, people -- we sure don't.

The format for the season will be explained fully in the full Week One edition, but here's how the columns will be released this year:

Wednesday night/Thursday morning: Thursday night game (if applicable)
Thursday night/Friday morning: Sunday & Monday games (also posted as always with our friends at SportsFilter
Over the weekend: Any news we think worth passing along, or line moves worth taking advantage of

For now, here's the Thursday night season opener. Enjoy the season!

Baltimore (+9) at DENVER (48): Retired Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis said this week the blackout at last year's Super Bowl was intentional because the Ravens had a big lead. It's a good thing the lights came back on, or everyone in the building could have wound up mysteriously stabbed (in a manner that absolutely nothing to do with Ray Lewis, of course -- just his friends). Broncos 24, Ravens 23.

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