Thursday, September 29, 2016

The HoserOnTheNFL Thursday Nighter, Week Four, 2016 Edition

Some of you may have noticed The Hoser didn't post picks last week. That's because ... wait, none of you noticed? Well then, I won't bother explaining.

Just our quick hitter for tonight's Thursday Night Football tilt.

Miami (+7) at CINCINNATI (44.5): It's difficult to comprehend how the Dolphins could already have 16 players on the injury report. Do they warm-up by lying down in the parking garage and having the team bus run them over? And it's always nice to think you have your age-old running back issue solved, only to lose the guy and be forced to turn to his petulant backup, who also happens to be the guy you dissed in signing that other aging star in the first place.

Good thing you have Ryan Tannehill!

The Fins drag that motley mess into Cincy, where the Bengals may finally have to decide they have two guys to run their offense through - Jeremy Hill and A.J. Green - and forget everyone else. If they do that, limit Andy Dalton's propensity for stupidity and rely on the defense, they will not only win this game but a whole passel of others.

Bengals 26, Dolphins 17.

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