Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Hoser's NFL Picks, 2011 Week 12

Editor's Note: Not sure what happened, but my picks didn't post for some reason. They were posted at as usual, so here they are. Trust me, I didn't change anything as you can see from my Lock of the Week.

Being busy sucks. Went 2-1 against the spread and straight up on Thanksgiving. See you for haiku next week!

Arizona (+2.5) at ST. LOUIS RAMS (40): This week at quarterback for the Cardinals -- Charlie Trippi! Rams 22, Cardinals 16.
Buffalo (+9) at NY JETS (42): We haven't seen a collapse like this since Oprah took off her Spanx. Jets 26, Bills 19.
Cleveland (+7) at CINCINNATI (37.5): Peyton Hillis may finally return today. Yaaay. Bengals 21, Browns 17.
Houston (-6) at JACKSONVILLE (37.5): We have to admit, we're really pulling for Matt Leinart to succeed here. Texans 23, Jaguars 16.
Carolina (+3) at INDIANAPOLIS (47.5): Ugh. Colts 24, Panthers 20.
Tampa Bay (+3) at TENNESSEE (43): We may never hear from Matt Hassleback again. Titans 24, Buccaneers 17.
Minnesota (+9.5) at ATLANTA (44): The Vikings without ADP is like "Two And A Half Men" without Charlie Sheen -- just not worth watching. Wait -- "Two And A Half Men" wasn't worth watching before. Falcons 30, Vikings 14.
Chicago (+3) at OAKLAND (41): Reading wayyyyy too much into the loss of Jay Cutler. Bears 24, Raiders 16. 
Washington (+3) at SEATTLE (37.5): We'd bet there's a discussion of some book on Iranian pottery on Book TV right now. Go find it -- it'll be much more entertaining than this game. Seahawks 20, Racists 13.
New England (-3) at PHILADELPHIA (50.5): Do the Eagles actually have anyone healthy to dress for this game? Patriots 30, Eagles 20.
Denver (+5.5) at SAN DIEGO (42): Philip Rivers has six kids under the age of 10? Well, at least we know one thing he throws that doesn't get intercepted. Chargers 26, Broncos 23.
Pittsburgh (+10.5) at KANSAS CITY (40): The worst thing that could happen to the Steelers here is it's wet and Troy Polamalu's hair gets frizzy. Steelers 27, Chiefs 17.
New York Giants (+7) at NEW ORLEANS (50.5): And now begins the annual and inevitable slow decline of the Giants. Saints 31, Giants 22.

Lock of the Week: Chicago
Trifecta: Chicago, New England, Tennessee

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