Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Hoser On The NFL, 2012 Season, Week One

Welcome to Week One of the 2012 edition of The Hoser's NFL Picks, where thanks to the Giants, we're off to a wonderful start.

The format will stay as it has been for the past two seasons – each game is $100 ATS, with a $100 Trifecta and a $300 Lock of the Week for an even $2K per week. When the bye weeks begin, we’ll jump the Lock to $500 to keep the number even. We’ll use Danny Sheridan’s line in the USA Today each week.

For those of you who are just finding us, the first thing to know is this -- we're not to be taken seriously. We're still tallying our record from last year, but it certainly isn't good enough to use to make actual bets.
All of that leads us to this final sentence, a version of which you’ll see every week: remember – these picks are just for fun. Using them to wager money is advisable as taking Clint Eastwood to a furniture store.


Indianapolis (+10) at CHICAGO (43.5): This week Ben Roethlisberger said he would skip a game to be at the birth of his child. Jay Cutler looked at Chicago's offensive line and offered to drive. Bears 23, Colts 16.
Philadelphia (-9.5) at CLEVELAND (43): Forget Vick's ribs -- Michael Cera could get under center and win this one. Eagles 29, Browns 13.
Buffalo (+3) at NEW YORK JETS (39): Tebow notwithstanding, even Jesus has got the dog in this one. Bills 20, Jets 13.
Washington (+7) at NEW ORLEANS (50.5): Roger Goodell's justice -- about as permanent as a Matthew Perry sitcom. Saints 30, Racists 17.
Jacksonville (+3.5) at MINNESOTA (39.5): I'm sure Jaguars fans don't want the team to leave. The questions is -- why not? Vikings 22, Jaguars 16.
Miami (+12) at HOUSTON (42.5): This line keeps getting wider and I keep liking it more and more. Opening-week games are usually not strong ones for offenses, and I think the Dolphins will be better than most think this year. Do it for Ray Finkle! Texans 24, Dolphins 17.New England (-5) at TENNESSEE (47): Patriots 27, Titans 14.
St. Louis Rams (+7) at DETROIT (45): Lions 31, Rams 14.
Atlanta (-3) at KANSAS CITY (43.5): Chiefs 22, Falcons 20.
San Francisco (+5) at GREEN BAY (47): Packers 27, 49ers 23.
Carolina (-2.5) at TAMPA BAY (47): Panthers 24, Buccaneers 20.
Seattle (-2.5) at ARIZONA (40.5): Seahawks 22, Cardinals 17.
Pittsburgh (+2) at DENVER (44.5):  Steelers 22, Broncos 19.
Cincinnati (+6.5) at BALTIMORE (41): Ravens 23, Bengals 16.
San Diego (+2) at OAKLAND (46.5): Raiders 23, Chargers 20.

Lock of the Week: Buffalo

Trifecta: Buffalo, Detroit, Miami

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