Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Football Hoser's 2014 Week 2 ProLine Sunday Update

Here's my Sunday morning look at the differential between the Vegas and ProLine lines and what you might be able to take advantage of. For those of you outside Canada, this won't mean a damned thing. ProLine is the government-run betting line in which they set the lines and you must parlay at least two games for a legal card on the point spreads, so you can go back to waiting for Keith Olbermann to just fire nukes at the NFL office or whatever.

My Lock of the Week, Atlanta, slips just a half-point to a +5 underdog to Cincinnati, which is a steal. In the Trifecta, the Lions also slip a half-point to a +2 dog to Carolina, and Arizona remains a 2.5-point favourite on the road at the Giants.

Obviously the huge move here is the Patriots becoming a 6.5-point favourite over Minnesota with the absence of Adrian Peterson. I adjust my pick earlier in the week to give New England enough cushion to cover, but I'm having second thoughts. I would just stay away from this one.

There's also an important move from +3 to +3.5 for Philadelphia on the road in Indy. That half-point makes the Eagles a nice add to the end of deep parlay cards. Same goes for Chicago, which slips off the number to +7.5 in San Francisco.

In other games:

* KC slips a point to +13 in DEN
* Seattle moves a half to -6.5 at SD

That's everything this morning -- good luck!

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