Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Football Hoser's 2014 Week 4 ProLine Sunday Update

Our Trifecta this week is New Orleans, Chicago and Atlanta. The Saints (our lock) stays the same at -3 over Dallas, making this a great game to add to parlay tickets. The Bears slide from +2 to +1.5 against the Packers, but we have Chicago outright anyway.

The killer here is Atlanta moving from -3 to -3.5 on the road in Minnesota. The Falcons travel like unrefrigerated milk, and the Vikings are not only starting Teddy Bridgewater, but have had a couple weeks to regroup and figure out life without ADP. If you wanted to bail on this game with it off the field goal, I'd understand.

Other movers of note:

* Detroit is all the way to -3 from -1.5 over the Jets. That's a little high on the road.
* Pittsburgh has climbed to -9 from -7.5 over Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers can't be as bad as they were last week, can they? Still, even having Doug Martin back won't mean much.

Good luck this week!

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