Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Football Hoser's 2014 Week 3 ProLine Sunday Update

Just a quickie today:

My Lock of the Week, Carolina, stays at -3.5. In the Trifecta, Cincinnati stays at -7 and is a solid play for parlay tickets, but Indianapolis picks up the dreaded half-point to move to -7.5. I'm still giving the points, but it's a little scarier now.

Other moves to note:

* BUFFALO gains a full point, but it's below a field goal over San Diego, so not a big deal.
* ST. LOUIS goes from -1 to -3 over Dallas, which is nuts. Still good for parlays, but a two-point difference is very unusual.
* PHILADELPHIA moves on to the number at -7 against Washington. Again, not nearly as strong as it was at -6.5, but I'm taking the Racists and the points, so good for me.
* NEW ORLEANS also gains a full point to -11 against the Vikings, but that shouldn't affect anyone in this game.
* BALTIMORE goes from -1.5 to -2.5 against the Browns.
* DETROIT only gets -1.5 instead of -2.5 over Green Bay.
* NEW ENGLAND goes to above two touchdowns at -14.5 against Oakland. Still seems safe, but ...
* The JETS lose a point and a half to the Bears, now only a -1.5 favourite.

Good luck today!

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